Saturday, August 10, 2013


I have had some of my spooky short stories up on a writing site where you are reviewed by your peers.  Through the years, I have received some really kind responses to my writing.  I will share a small handful with you here.

Great piece of dark comedy! I loved it. And thank you so much for making the vampire original! Unlike in Wes Craven's Dracula 2000 when half naked horny vampire woman are climbing on the wall. God I hate that movie. But anyways great stuff I love your work!

Very cute, I must say. I did enjoy this delightfully light and comedic look at a bumbling blood-sucker. The title pun is adorable. The opening scene is told with clarity and the tongue-in-cheek appeal that sets a tone for the slap-stick to come. While, I do see room to improve this piece, I find it to be very telling of Lisa's innate talent to paint scene's in the minds of her readers.

Your story was just great for the month of October, for Halloween, for the Horrorum, and for me! I liked it very much. Creative, interesting, and it caught me off guard inn the end, really. Good work Dark One! Your writing style flows easily and the reader --- wants to know more, your details, vivid. I was taken by your story!

Good story! Easy reading, simple yet scary. Would be a great little campfire tale for scouts to dream about as they toss and turn in their little puptents. There was one misspell that I noticed, a line where it says 'cutrains' instead of curtains. Other than that, I didn't see anything amiss. I liked it very much.

Reminds me of an eposide that could have been of "Tales from the Crypt" Great job

I love my reviewers!

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